6- Periodic reassessment

6- Periodic reassessment

As your children grow, so do their responsibilities. That’s why the tasks have to be periodically reassessed (enriched).

As with the initial task definition, the task reassessment is a formal process which guarantees a result.

A common scheme is to schedule a yearly assessment, which takes place during the month of December or the month of January. September may also work. The idea is to start a set of family discussions at the beginning of the month, with everyone agreeing on a conclusion at the end of the month. (Unlike the initial task definition, which may have an undefined duration, everyone knows and is used to the system already in this case, so there’s no reason why the discussions should drag on forever).

Define a short trial period after which the new and modified tasks are collectively reviewed and adjusted before becoming official.

As always, if you see that a given discussion takes too long (more than 30-40 minutes), step back and schedule another session at a later time. It should be an enjoyable experience!