4 – Notifications

4 – Notifications

Notifications are the blessing and curse of our digital world.

When it comes to a task management system, notifications are a blessing. They enable you to get a reminder at the right time for the right thing. They help make sure you don’t forget your chores. And that’s ideal to dismiss the irritating oh-so-easy “I forgot” excuse…


Notifications are available in the Premium version of Family Tasks and for the first 3 months of the Free version of Family Tasks.

So how do notifications work in Family Tasks?

Notifications are defined for a given device.

For instance, if you set a notification on your computer, you will receive this notification only on your computer. If you want to receive the same notification on another device of yours or of another family member, you’ll have to set the notification on this new device.

This enables the best versatility: each family member can choose on which of their devices they want to be notified and for which tasks.

You can choose to be notified for tasks and people.

For instance, if you’re Abigail, you’ll want to receive notifications concerning your own tasks and tasks assigned to “Kids”.

As a parent, you may want to receive notifications not only for tasks which are  assigned to you, but also for some tasks which you know tend to be “forgotten” or skipped. In this case, you choose tasks, regardless of whom is the assignee.

The right notification at the right time

Because, “If it ain’t the right time, it ain’t right!”

For each task, you can set the time at which you want notifications to be sent. This is done by editing the task.


The combination of these 4 parameters (people, tasks, device, reminder time) gives you total control on chores’ notifications and unleashes the true power of Family Tasks.


Notifications are driven by your browser. If you don’t receive Family Tasks notifications, odds are your browser blocks them, either for Family Tasks web app only or for all websites.

Make sure that notifications are enablet in your browser (both the general notifications settings and notifications for Family Tasks’ web app app.familytasks.io) and everything should work fine.


Hey, I don’t see all of this on my iPhone / iPad?
As of March 2020, Apple unfortunately does not support notifications for web apps on iOS devices. It is a shame and has been so for many years. Like millions of developpers, we hope Apple will change its stance on the matter in the future, but since the Cuppertino giant is a well-known control freak and wants to block any notifications it hasn’t white listed, I wouldn’t be too optimist on this issue. BTW, if you’re a senior executive at Apple using Family Tasks, push for web notificaitons internally!  🙂