4- Give maximum exposure

4- Give maximum exposure

Something you definitely don’t want to hear after having invested so much time in getting the buy-in from your children is “I forgot” or “I didn’t know it was my turn…”

In order to prevent this situation, make sure each and every family member (including the parents!) is fully aware of who is in charge of what on any given day.

The best solution for that is twofold:

1- Install Family Tasks on your children’s devices–if they have one–and on shared family devices (tablets, computers) and place a shortcut right in the middle of the home screen. You may choose to activate the parental controls on their devices so that they don’t, let’s say inadvertently, make any unwelcome changes to the family members or task assignments.  🙂


2- Stick an old tablet in a conspicuous place where everyone passes several times a day and use an app like Dock Dock! to make the tablet automatically turn on to Family Tasks’ Today screen every time someone passes by. We absolutely love the fridge for that matter. In terms of hardware to hold the tablet, you can use a Dock Dock! or a Koala kit, or any other tablet-holding kit. We really like the Dock Dock! kit because it’s magnetic. It can be placed anywhere and the installation is super-simple and fully reversible (no holes, no glue, no horizontality stress…), and -cherry on the sundae- its Android variant offers a magic magnetic cable so that you don’t have to look for the plug at night anymore… 🙂


Golden rule: Once tasks are agreed upon, there’s no excuse for not doing one’s job.

Following these steps just makes it easier.