Chore Chart Idea for Kids That Works!

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Chore Chart Idea for Kids That Works!

What do you think would work best for your family: a digital chore chart or a physical one?

Family Tasks offers the simpliest yet most effective digital chore chart for families. And it’s free.

There are of course physical counterparts, which have been available since families exist.

The philosophy is the same, the implementation differ.

A physical chore chart is -by essence- available only at one place, and is prone to -hum- unfair/uncontrolled changes.

A digital chore chart, by contrast, is ubiquitous and can only be updated by the authorized ones.

So what’s better for your family? Let us know @familytasks!

Example of physical chore chart, courtesy of Melissa & Doug

Here’s an extract of a comprehensive review of Melissa & Doug’s classic chore chart by Elena and Lexi:

“As parents, we always what to do what’s best for our kids. And at the same time, we struggle with balancing life and responsibilities and time constraints. But what does this have to do with a chore chart idea for kids?

“Mom, I don’t want to do this! Can’t I just do something else? Can I do it tomorrow?”- a little whiny voice exclaims, trying to get out of doing what it is that a 7 year old is supposed to do. This is something that every household struggles with and it can be relatively easily curbed ( not solved) with a simple magnetic chore chart idea for kids.

Here is my “parenting philosophy”: kids need to be kids.

They need to play have no responsibility and enjoy life, because we, parents, are there to take care of everything else for them. They will have plenty of time to learn how to cook and figure out stuff for themselves, as long as we teach them critical thinking. But at the same time, we are not there to wait on them and do every little thing. So my belief is that if the item in question is needed by or caused by Lexi, she gets to take care of it. But everything else around the house, I do myself for the most part. We often cook together but that’s to spend time together, and clean together, but that is so that we could move onto fun things, so she helps me. Sometimes, I will ask her to do the dishes in exchange for something else, but I consider it my responsibility, not her.

Of course, getting any child to do chores is a “chore” ( did you see what I did there?) for parents. Sometimes it’s just easier for us to do it all ourselves, instead of listening to the whining and forcing them to do it…

A chore chart solves that problem but putting personal pride, sense of accomplishment and an element of game into an otherwise boring tasks.

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Family Task‘s Digital Chore Chart on a Tablet on the Fridge