Everyone Participates at Home. Free Chore Board

Gender Equality Starts With Chores Equality

Millennial men embrace gender equality, but not vacuuming While some men embrace gender equality, they’re not holding their own with household chores. This issue can be fixed by educating children from their youngest age. Home chores should be gender agnostic, and using a shared digital chore chart like Family Tasks helps building this habit and…
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Top 5 best apps for daily family life and chore management

Everyone Participates at home with these great apps! #kidschores #parentingtips #FamilyTasks

The Story Behind Family Tasks

Family Tasks is the story of a father of 3 and an entrepreneur. >> Read full story From a manual chore chart on the fridge to a shared digital chore chart on the fridge with so much more….

Doing chores help children learn to be responsible, feel competent and boost self-esteem

Doing chores aids the comprehension of personal responsibility and accountability. Conscious parenting means a parent will think about what is in their child’s best long-term interest. In Maslow’s terms if you parent your child for survival you are a decent parent, however the goal of parenting should be to parent your child for self-actualisation. This…
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6 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Kids Chores

This post aggregates the main results of long term research made by Dr. Marty Rossmann from the University of Minnesota, who analyzed data from a long-term study following 84 children throughout four periods of their lives, of a Harvard University study, and of a long-term Duke University study that followed 1,000 children in New Zealand from birth to age…
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Should You Pay Your Kids for Doing Chores?

It’s hard to argue against the benefits of giving kids chores. But the opinion wars about whether to reward them for it rage on. Here, experts on both sides discuss whether money should ever be on the table…you know, the one you asked your six-year-old to clear an hour ago.   We’re not the ones with the answer to this debate as old as parenting, but here is a…
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Chore Chart Idea for Kids That Works!

What do you think would work best for your family: a digital chore chart or a physical one? Family Tasks offers the simpliest yet most effective digital chore chart for families. And it’s free. There are of course physical counterparts, which have been available since families exist. The philosophy is the same, the implementation differ.…
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