Best apps for daily family life and chore management

Everyone Participates at Home. Free Chore Board

Taking part in home chores teaches children the habits of teamwork, life skills, responsibility, and self-reliance. It is an important part of parenting. That’s why household tasks are such an important part of children’s education. Children can start learning to be independent and responsible at a really young age.

Until recently, organized parents could only use combinations of physical boards and cards to organize chores amongst their children. In the age of information, technology has some advantages that boards and cards can’t match: the ability to connect remotely, synchronization on any device, reminders—to list a few.

We have listed below the five most popular software programs that make parents’ lives easier and more organized and help manage your household and family tasks without any hassle. These solutions are easy for families to operate and make the process fun for children. All of these solutions are subscription-based (between $0.99 and $9.99/month), and offer a time-limited free trial.

Cozi – Family Organizer

Created in 2005, Cozi is one of the oldest and most popular software solutions for family life organization. It is available as a web, iOS and Android app.
Cozi’s core feature is a shared family calendar. It provides numerous additional features, ranging from lists, to recipes, to groceries, etc. Cozi is parent-centric, and it does not provide chore management features. Some parents consider Cozi to be too complicated for their daily needs. According to some users’ reviews, the latest version has calendar synchronization issues.

Picniic – The Family Dashboard

Picniic’s claim is that it simplifies your everyday life with one place to organize all your family’s activities, tasks, and information. Picniic is available as an iOS or Android app. Unfortunately there is no web version to date.
Picniic is a lively and colorful app with a clean design. It has lately gathered positive press from prestigious media like NBC, USA Today, Forbes, and The Boston Globe. Its core features are a “Locator”, which enables real-time family location sharing and a shared family calendar. It offers loads of other features, like to-do lists, file sharing, and chat with family. Like Cozy, Picniic is parent-centric, and does not provide any chore management features.

OurHome – Your Home Made Easy

The claim of OurHome is that families using it stay organized with less effort. It is available as a web, iOS, and Android app.
OurHome is chore- and children-centric. It includes grocery lists, but as a secondary feature. The belief behind OurHome is that “motivated kids are successful kids. By instilling a sense of responsibility from an early age, you improve your child’s chance of future success. With OurHome, your kids will build self-esteem while achieving goals!” And OurHome delivers on that premise: the whole app is organized around the attribution of chores/tasks to family members and rewards for chores/tasks completed. Though a bit complicated to use (“too many screens” frequently appears in users’ reviews), OurHome is a great app for parents who are into nudging.

Family Wall – Your Family Private Space

Family Wall claims to be your family’s assistant. It is available as a web, iOS, and Android app. 
While it is one of the youngest services, it rolls out new features at a fast pace—definitely making it a startup to follow. The latest version introduced a tracking feature which looks like Picniic’s, and parents’ reviews show a great interest for that feature.  
Family Wall’s core features are family member location tracking, to-do lists, and a shared calendar. Like Cozy and Picniic, Family Wall is parent-centric, and it does not provide any chore management features. This is a great solution for family planning and tracking but not for chore management.

Family Tasks – Everyone Participates

Family Tasks’ claim is that it makes it super easy for parents to organize chore  repartition amongst children. Launched in 2019, it’s the most recent offering. Family Tasks is web only, but can easily be used like a native iOS or Android app with the addition of a bookmark on the home screen.
Family Tasks is 100% focused on teaching children responsibility. The interface is extremely simple and has only a few screens (Today, My Task, My Family, and Settings).
In terms of task management for children, it is the most feature-rich, with advanced recurring tasks (daily, weekly, and monthly rotations, days of the week schedules…) and one-time tasks, which can handle all families’ organizations.
Like OurHome, Family Tasks is child- and chore-centric. The main differences between the two services are that Family Tasks is much simpler to use, while it lacks the nudging feature around which OurHome is built.

All of these apps are great and fun to use. They all comply with US and European children and privacy laws. Choosing one depends upon your parenting objectives.