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Simple family task management

Family Tasks is a free chores management service for families

Family Tasks helps parents involve their children in daily home chores and teach children responsibility

What parents say

John Collins
Father of TWO

I’ve tried so many systems to get my kids involved in daily chores, but it never really took. Family Tasks was a revelation for our family: simple, efficient, just works, and my kids love it!

Elisa Ramirez
Mother of THREE

Before using Family Tasks, every time I asked my children to help me that ended in arguments and cries.
Now they have agreed upon a task repartition, it’s so quiet!

Beth Anderson
Mother of two + TWO

I wished I had known Family Tasks before. I’ve my two kids all the time plus my husband’s two every two weeks.  Family Tasks literally was a life saver for me.







Step 1: define tasks 

Define and assign tasks during a few open family discussions with your children.
This is negotiation time, so be creative! Propose a trial period, after which tasks may be fine-tuned.
Now everyone knows what they’re in charge of and when!

Step 2: give maximum exposure

Everyone can check their daily tasks on their phone, tablet, or computer and set customized notifications.
We’re big fans of visual management, so that’s why we recommend you expose Family Tasks at all times where it belongs: on the fridge door.
Use a Dock Dock! Kit, for instance, so that no one can pretend they forgot anymore!


Step 3: iterate

Once a year, organize a task assignment review with your children. As they grow up, they will know that with big powers come big responsibilities!
Progressively adding new tasks makes children more responsible and accountable—something they’ll be proud of (just like you!)

Simpler is always better

Type in family member names, define and assign tasks, and you’re done.

No fancy animations, no useless features, no sophisticated rules…just simple tasks.

At the end of the day, either a task is done or not.

All families are different

Set tasks for each weekday; set daily, weekly, or monthly rotating routines; or schedule one-time tasks.

Family Tasks fits all family configurations and organizations.

The power of visual management

#parentingtip: it is a proven fact that exposing objectives, assignments, and results dramatically boosts engagement.

Stick a tablet on your fridge with a Dock Dock! kit and make your Family Tasks visible to family members at all times.

We love families 

We have been developing apps for families since 2011, with products like eduPad educational apps (+10M users) or Monster Messenger (which joined forces with Facebook Messenger Kids in 2019).

Like all parents, we want the best for our children. We are the first users of the products we create, and we only launch when our kids are proud of what we’ve done. 

Survey: how are your children involved in your family’s tasks?

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